Notice for 2020 PhD Qualification Exam

Dear all,

Please be noticed about the arrangement of 2020 PhD Qualification Exam. Here are some tips for your better prepare the presentation of qualified exam.

1. The online assessment will be held at 14:00 (Local time in Beijing, China) on this Friday. Please join Tecent Meeting half an hour earlier in advance, all candidates need to be tested if your Audio and PPT well work. 

2. Please attach one personal photo on front and back page of your PPT, for better connections with the judges. A headset is necessary for your better voice (Bluetooth headset is not recommended) .

3. The assessment shall be based on oral defense (a 10 minutes’ presentation about the academic performance, the progress of scientific research, and the future work plan).

4. Successful applicants, who pass the oral defense, can apply for the doctoral scholarships (the process is similar as the new applicant). Scholarships include ANSO/CSC/UCAS/ research group funding.

5. Those students who have signed up for the PhD qualifying examination but didn’t get the scholarship will not be able to continue the PhD program. In such cases, the assessment results will be automatically counted as the corresponding opening or midterm examination results (these students only need to submit other relevant credentials and are not required to re-take the defense examination).

See you all on this Friday!

Education Department